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18, Neitsi, In your mind, On your bed
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Seksuaalne eelistusHeteroseksuaal
Pikkus>150 - 160 cm
Kaal46 - 55 kg
Etniline päritoluLatiino/Hispaanlane
KeeledHispaania, Inglise
On your bed
Mind erutab
Behind my sweet and tender side. I hide a naughty side and full of insatiable desires. If your search is successful you can have the key to a world of pleasure. You just have to be a subtle, tender and respectful gentleman using sweet and soft words almost as if whispering in my ear. You will see yourself wrapped in my body, my gaze and my smile. And together we will make a casket of unforgettable memories of sexual and passionate experiences or simply have conversations of pleasant and warm topics of your liking. I am here to show you the world from a perspective and that you know that there are also different realities than yours where you can relax from your daily stress, comfortable and enjoy our times together.
Im here to be ur daily dose of sensuality and fun. U will always want more.
Mind jätab külmaks
You will be interested in how to get that key for a night of pleasure. I'll give you some strategies and suggestions for you to be the owner of that key.

1. From me you get what you give me. You give me tenderness and respect I will be open to your requests but if you are rude and u don't show your support then your access to my room will be prohibited.

2. Only your tokens can vibrate my clit. Don't offer me money.

3. If you are really interested in discovering beyond my underwear I suggest you see my TIP MENU and choose what you want to pay. I don't do free shows.

4. Never ask about my private life or personal data.
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