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21, Kaljukits, Colombia, Medellín
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Welcome to the hell 9 fotot 9 photos
Hunter's secret side 5 fotot 5 photos
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Happy days Xxxxxxxx For taking me to the salon Xxxxxxxx thanks I loved it The last one sad little rabbit ???? Love you baby Xxxxxxxx kisses Love you baby Xxxxxxxx kisses To start your day off bright and happy Xxxxxxxx kisses in bed with me
Surprise baby Xxxxxxxx kisses Cheer up my love Xxxxxxxx kisses For when you get the munchies hope your enjoying your day off Xxxxxxxx kisses 
Love you Xxxxxxxx All good love you Xxxxxxxx Kiss me Xxxxxxxx
Hopefully this will relieve a bit of tension crazy love only you Xxxxxxxx kisses all over for you Stop going crazy on me your my only queen Xxxxxxxx kisses calm ???? love you You did say you always wanted one I expect to see it in private ???? love you Xxxxxxxx What I think you are Xxxxxxxx kisses love you Come back to me soon Xxxxxxxx Hey baby just a little going away prezzie hope you like and they the right size I just took a guess Xxxxxxxx kisses love you come back to me soon Xxxxxxxx
Enjoy baby my shout Xxxxxxxx A well deserved cocktail for making me you know what only wish it was my cock your going to be sipping thanks baby enjoy A ♥ heart full of love and peace baby Xxxxxxxx kisses Trust me this won't be in your mouth ???? for long ???? love you baby Xxxxxxxx enjoy Ready for some kinky sex And a single rose to top it off love you baby Xxxxxxxx
What's champagne without a strawberry enjoy baby Xxxxxxxx Something to drink while your in quarantine I know how much you love your champagne don't get too drunk love you kisses hope all is well miss you baby A kiss for you while you are in lock down I hope everything is OK and your staying safe all the best my love Xxxxxxxx Something to cuddle while your in quarantine gonna miss you don't miss me too much love you baby Xxxxxxxx For my beautiful Annie a sign of my love and friendship for our 6 months eres michica sonada
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Seksuaalne eelistusBiseksuaal
Pikkus>160 - 170 cm
Kaal55 - 63 kg
Etniline päritoluLatiino/Hispaanlane
KeeledInglise, Hispaania
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Lot of gifts, gentleman and naughty man, dirty words but especially when you put my pussy to vibrate.
I am a little devil looking to burn in the hell of fun!! Come and enjoy me.
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stingy and rude people
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Esmaspäev 8:00 – 16:00
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Kolmapäev 8:00 – 16:00
Neljapäev 8:00 – 16:00
Reede 8:00 – 16:00
Laupäev 8:00 – 16:00
Pühapäev 8:00 – 16:00
anniehunters soovinimekiri
Many many tokens
Many many tokens
5000 tokens from my devil
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Vibrator Nora
Vibrator Nora
We could have a great experience together if i get it soon.
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New Iphone
New Iphone
I want us to be closer and to be able to take many photos for you
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Meooow Burning :) much kisses